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To make tombstone sandwiches, spread chicken salad on half of the bread tombstones. Top with remaining bread tombstones . Spread the edges of sandwiches with cream cheese and roll edges in pecans to coat. Use cream cheese to stick tombstones to plate. Add purple kale for a creepy groundcover. Makes 14 tombstones.

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Step 3: Put Your Sandwiches Together. Make sure you have small enough pieces of meat, cheese, lettuce, etc. to put together your sandwich. Here we're adding mayonnaise, mustard, meats, cheese and lettuce to our tombstone. Close the sandwich and decorate as you wish. Repeat for as many sandwiches as you'd like.

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Remove wrapper. 2. Cook according to chart to the right.*. 3. Remove sandwich and let sit for 2 minutes. Caution: Product will be hot. In an 1100W microwave oven, cook frozen product for 2 minutes.*. Cook thawed product 1 minute, 10 seconds.*. In a 700W microwave oven, cook frozen product for 2 minutes, 30 seconds.*.

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The festive appetizer is easy to make with crescent roll dough, cheese slices, and candy eyeballs. Mummy Hot Dogs. Monster Apple Bites. Made with apples, peanut butter, strawberries, sunflower seeds, and candy eyes, these Monster Apple Bites are a fun way to incorporate fruit into your Halloween spread.

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Peel and finely chop eggs and add to a medium size bowl. Add remaining salad ingredients and mix well to combine. Chop chicken very finely or put it in a food processor and pulse 3-4 times until minced. In a bowl, combine chicken and mayonnaise, and mix well. Add curry and continue to mix.

Tombstone Sandwiches Martin's Famous Potato Rolls and Bread Recipe

Spider sandwiches. For younger kids who wouldn't understand the meaning of RIP and a tombstone, a cute spider sandwich might be just what you need. Cut thin stripes of sandwich cheese for a net and make cute spiders with black olives. Or arrange the cheese slices in the shape of a mummy and use black olives for the eyes.

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Cover pan of sandwiches with plastic wrap. Refrigerate for 1 hour. Remove sandwiches from refrigerator and unwrap. Place 1 sandwich at a time onto a cutting board and cut off sides and bottom of bread to create a clean-cut edge, making the sandwich resemble a tombstone. Discard cut sides and bottom of of sandwiches.

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The simple sandwiches and drinks, desserts and snacks were great. I Loved the "doc" sandwich and my wife enjoyed the chicken salad. The owner there is great as is her son. They are friendly and if you Need advise of where to stay or not stay, or even try to eat at. The building is awesome and very welcoming. I highly recommend this place.

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Cut Long Rolls in half to create tombstone shape. Spread ham salad inside each Long Roll half. Spread the edges of sandwiches with cream cheese and roll edges in pecans to coat. Use remaining cream cheese to pipe wording on tombstones. Add lettuce for a creepy groundcover. Makes 16 tombstones.

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Directions. In a small bowl, combine refried beans and salsa. Spread refried bean mixture in a 2-quart rectangular dish. In a small bowl, combine ranch salad dressing and taco seasoning; stir in chicken. Spoon on top of the beans in an even layer. Spoon guacamole in small mounds on top of the chicken mixture. Carefully spread to an even layer.

Monster Sandwiches Martin's Famous Potato Rolls and Bread

Using a small knife, spread 1 tbsp of peanut butter and 1 tbsp of blueberry preserves onto 4 ghosts. Add the top of the ghost. Using chopsticks (or small tongs or tweezers), add two blueberries to the top side of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich so that they look like eyes.

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1. Add any sandwich ingredients to a loaf of bread and trim into tombstone shapes. Egg salad, chicken salad, or deli meats and cheeses. Last Step: Don't forget to share! Make all your friends drool by posting a picture of your finished recipe on your favorite social network. And don't forget to tag Just A Pinch and include #justapinchrecipes so.