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Here's What Happened To Cup Board Pro After Shark Tank

By Tamara Palmer Oct 23, 2018, 2:21 PM ET. Shark Tank 's recent episode left viewers scrambling for tissues (and their credit cards) after the kids of a 9/11 firefighter represented for their dad.

Firefighter Cutting Board * Firefighter Gifts

Cup Board Pro Before Shark Tank. Keith Young, a New York City fireman, created the Cup Board Pro in 2010 to quickly and easily clean up after cooking. The Cup Board Pro is a bamboo cutting board with side wells that channel liquid spills into a cup-like container underneath for easy disposal. In 2011, when Keith Young's wife, Beth King, was.

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'Shark Tank' season 14 episode 6 introduced the audience to entrepreneur Bianca Wittenberg who was excited about presenting her innovative product, FireFighter 1. While fires can jump out of control at any given second, it can take firefighters some time to arrive on the scene. Hence, keeping a few firefighting tools within reach is always […]

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The inventor of the bamboo cutting board, a former New York City firefighter who died in March from a rare form of cancer related to his 9/11 cleanup efforts, didn't live to see his product make.

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Cup Board Pro after Shark Tank. Shark Daymond John wrote on Facebook that the Young family's appearance on "Shark Tank" was "the most emotional pitch" he had ever been through during his 10 years on the show. He said he almost had to leave the set because of the emotional impact, and that "everybody on set was in tears."

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The board retails for about $40.00 at the moment but is listed with an original price of $50.00. Shark Tank airs on Sundays at 9/8c on ABC. Cup Board Pro features on Shark Tank tonight. The.

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Williams-Sonoma also handles the manufacturing and shipping of the Cup Board Pro across its 600 stores. In Season 14, Episode 14, the Cup Board Pro returned to "Shark Tank" in an update segment. As of 2022, the company seems to be doing well for itself, even developing more models of the Cup Board Pro. As the company's Instagram reveals, the.

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Kevin, a New York City firefighter, passed away just three months prior to the taping of the program. His daughter described his illness as a, "9/11-related cancer from being a fireman there." STREAM NOW. "Our dad invented the Cup Board Pro, and it was his dream to pitch in on Shark Tank ," Kaley said. "Unfortunately, he passed away before he.

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ABC/Hulu. In an update on "Shark Tank" Season 14 in 2023, the siblings said that Cup Board Pro has made over $7 million in sales and raised $100,000 for the FDNY Foundation. The Youngs bought a home to live in together and are still growing Cup Board Pro as well as working on their individual goals.

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The Cup Board Pro is a bamboo cutting board that has a receptacle that runs the length of the cutting board. This receptacle, or "cup," catches everything on the cutting board. It detaches for easy cleaning and it makes chopping stuff up a tad less messy. The Young children enter the Tank with heavy hearts.

Firefighter Cutting Board Wood Cutting Board Personalized Etsy

We watched as he would take plastic cutting boards and cut into them to create his own prototype. He then found an industrial kitchen engineer who helped turn his design into a reality. The home of the Cup Board Pro, the bamboo cutting board with a cup invented by Firehouse Chef, Keith Young as seen on Shark Tank.

Firefighter Cutting Board * Firefighter Gifts

This Genius Cutting Board From 'Shark Tank' Is Now Available At Williams Sonoma.. UPDATE: May 07, 2019 at 1:25 p.m.. a New York City firefighter, passed away from a "9-11-related cancer from.

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Three years ago, a 9/11 fireman's kids brought 'Shark Tank' stars to tears. Now, they're carrying on his entrepreneurial legacy. Kaley Young knows her late father "would be so proud.

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Cup Board Pro, the bamboo cutting board with a built-in cup/trap invented by a late NYFD firefighter (who died of cancer after 9/11) was pitched by his children on Shark Tank in 2018. All 5 Sharks.

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NYC firefighter Keith Young invented the Cup Board Pro — an eco-friendly cutting board with an extended tray to collect extra juices and food scraps. Sadly, Young died due to cancer from working at Ground Zero on 9/11, so his children, Kaley, Christian, and Keira, brought his invention to Season 10 of "Shark Tank.". After winning over and.

What happened to Cup Board Pro after Shark Tank? Sales and latest

The Cut Board Pro currently retails at Williams Sonoma for $59.95. In a press release, Williams Sonoma announced it had made minor improvements to the original design of the cutting board (making.