Aqua, Cyan, Teal, and Turquoise Unraveling the Color Spectrum All

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Comparison. While all three colors are blue-green, there are differences between them. Teal is deeper and more sophisticated than turquoise or aqua. It's often used in more formal settings, while turquoise and aqua are used in more casual contexts. Turquoise is brighter and more vibrant than teal, making it a popular choice for beachy and.

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Aqua is a lighter, brighter shade of blue-green with a higher proportion of blue, while teal is a darker, more muted shade with a higher proportion of green. Understanding the differences between these colors can help writers and designers make more intentional choices in their language and visual creations.

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While teal and aqua are similar shades, there are some key differences between the two colors: Teal is darker and more saturated while aqua is paler and brighter. Teal has stronger blue undertones whereas aqua leans more towards green. On the RGB color model, teal is made of blue mixed with green while aqua has more green than blue.

Teal vs Turquoise vs Cyan What Are The Differences

To mix turquoise, it may be simplest to start with a combination of blue and green. Be aware that turquoise is lighter than teal but deeper than cyan. You may be able to get the right tone or brightness by lightening the green before you add it to the blue. Green is an equal blend of yellow and blue.

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MINT. The name teal comes from the name of a common bird, the teal, which usually has a similar color stripe on its head. The name turquoise comes from the, turquoise which is a blue-green gemstone mineral. The word Aqua comes from Latin word, aqua meaning water. Named after the mint plant's pale green leaves.

Teal vs Turquoise vs Cyan What Are The Differences

Aqua color is the symbol of trust and vitality. Turquoise is the color of the gemstone. It is a mix of pale green, blue, and a small yellow shade. The teal color is the symbol of faith and rejuvenation. The word turquoise comes from a blue-green gemstone mineral. Turquoise color is the symbol of peace and confidence.

Aqua, Cyan, Teal, and Turquoise Unraveling the Color Spectrum All

Turquoise RGB is 18.8% red, 83.5% green and 78.4% blue. Aqua RGB is 0% red, 100% green and 100% blue. Mint RGB is 24.3% red, 70.6% green and 53.7% blue. Complementing colors as per color chart. Teal goes best with coral and bright white. The next best is pink, creams, and metallic colors like silver and gold.

Teal Vs Turquoise All the Differences Explained The Color Ency

Main Differences Between Aqua and Turquoise. Aqua is a contrast of cyan colour. It is bluer than green, whereas Turquoise is a greenish-blue colour, i.e. it looks more like green than blue. #00FFFF is the hex code for the aqua colour. #30D5C8 is the hex code for the turquoise colour.

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Aqua and turquoise are both beautiful shades of blue-green that evoke a sense of calm and serenity, but they do have some subtle differences. Aqua is typically lighter and more vibrant, leaning towards a greenish-blue, while turquoise is slightly darker and has more of a blue hue with hints of green.

Aqua, Cyan, Teal, and Turquoise Unraveling the Color Spectrum All

Let's get to know the difference between 'Teal' vs 'Turquoise' vs 'Aqua' vs 'Mint.'. In a hurry? Here's a quick preview of what you'll learn: 'Teal' is a dark greenish-blue color. 'Turquoise' is a pale greenish-blue color. 'Aqua' is a light blueish-green mixture. 'Mint' is a light shade of green.

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Delta E (ΔE) is the measure of the difference between two colors. Delta E is measured on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 means exact match, and 100 is the highest difference. Delta E (ΔE) Color Difference. Teal is 65.96000000000001% similar to Aqua. Color difference between Teal and Aqua is 34.04 delta E(ΔE).

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On the other hand, you have turquoise. With a hardness rating of 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale, turquoise is significantly softer than aquamarine. It's more likely to get scratched by everyday objects. For instance, a steel object could scratch a piece of turquoise. That's why turquoise needs to be handled with care.

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Both cyan and aqua have same hex code - #00FFFF - denoting the fact that they're essentially the same color. And in case you're wondering, the hex triplet code of teal is #008080, while the hex code for Turquoise is #30D5C8. Teal vs Turquoise vs Aqua. Aqua is lighter than both teal and turquoise.

Aqua Vs Turquoise All the Differences Explained The Color Ency

Teal vs. Turquoise: Key Takeaways. Teal is a dark, blue-leaning color, often linked with depth and sophistication. Turquoise is a bright, greenish color with a hint of yellow, evoking freshness and vitality. Recognizing the differences in hue and associations can aid in their application across various design contexts.

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In this case, turquoise is the first blend, being composed of green and blue. But then you get aqua by blending turquoise with white (considered a tint), and you get teal by blending turquoise with black (considered a shade). The degree of difference in the shade or tint depends on the initial composition of colors to create the blend.

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Aqua. Turquoise. Lighter shade of blue-green. Deeper shade of blue-green. Contains more green than blue. Contains more blue than green. Name comes from the Latin word for water. Name comes from French word for Turkish. Often associated with tropical or beachy themes.