Winter Aperol Spritz Cocktail A Winter Aperol Spritz

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This winter Aperol spritz is the perfect cocktail for the holiday season. It's as refreshing as the original, but with a festive spin. It's as refreshing as the original, but with a festive spin. We replaced the traditional soda water with cranberry juice and garnished with fresh cranberries, an orange twist, and rosemary.

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Directions. Fill a wine glass or a large tumbler with ice cubes. Add Aperol to the glass, about a third of the way. Pour an equal amount of Prosecco into the glass. Add a splash of cranberry juice. Fill the rest of the glass with club soda. Mix the ingredients gently with a stirrer or a spoon.

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Aperol Jasmine Spritz. If you want to make a delicious Aperol cocktail in advance, try this recipe which calls for a bright, homemade lemon simple syrup that you can prepare up to two weeks before serving. When it's time to drink, just mix the syrup with gin, Aperol, bitters, and seltzer water, then garnish each glass with fresh herbs.

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This cranberry aperol spritz only needs 4 ingredients and takes just 5 minutes to make. It's the perfect cocktail to cheers the season with! I knew I had to make a wintery version of my campari rosé spritz, and this is the perfect holiday cocktail!Now I know the traditional aperol spritz is usually a summer drink, but with a few seasonal substitutes you can have a refreshing holiday drink!

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Aperol Mist. 18. Dead Man's Handle. 19. Aperol Americano. 20. Fizzy Aperol Grapefruit cocktail. For over a hundred years, Aperol cocktail recipes have been tantalizing cocktail drinkers the world over. Its vibrant orange color and flavor with its blend of flowers, herbs, and roots give it an unmistakable presence in any glass.

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View Recipe. 2. Cranberry Orange Aperol Spritz. The Cranberry Orange Aperol Spritz is a refreshing and festive winter cocktail that is perfect for those who love aperitifs. This drink is a twist on the traditional aperol spritz, which is made with Aperol liquor, Prosecco, and a splash of sparkling water.

Winter Aperol Spritz Cocktail A Winter Aperol Spritz

1 cinnamon stick. 1 sprig rosemary. Add all of the ingredients to a small saucepan over medium heat. Stir until sugar is completely dissolved. Let cool completely to room temperature, then strain into a glass jar and seal tightly with a lid. Store in the fridge for up to a month!

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Instructions. Add the cranberry juice, orange juice, Aperol, and 2 thyme sprigs to a cocktail shaker and muddle lightly. Add ice and shake. Pour over a glass with ice, then top with prosecco. Garnish with fresh cranberries and thyme sprigs, then serve!

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Directions. Step 1 In a pitcher, combine Aperol, cranberry juice, and orange juice. Pour in Prosecco and stir to combine. Step 2 Fill wine glasses with ice and pour in spritz. Top each with.

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This cranberry Aperol spritz very easy to make, making it the perfect cocktail to serve at your next holiday party. In the printable recipe below, you can find a complete list of ingredients and measurements. Aperol: There is absolutely no substitute for this Italian liqueur. Aperol is a bittersweet apéritif that has a bright orange hue with.

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Today I'm sharing my Holiday Cocktail: Aperol Spritz Recipe! I hope that everyone is binge watching holiday movies, eating all the sugar cookies, putting up lights, shopping, and all of the things. I don't know about you, but now that Thanksgiving is over, I'm in FULL BLOWN holiday mode! You all know that I love sharing all of the festive.

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These cocktails, from the simple Aperol spritz to other modern classics, are best served whenever the mood strikes.. 61 Easter Dinner Ideas for a Dazzling Holiday Spread. By Zoe Denenberg. recipes.

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This festive Holiday Aperol Spritz is the ultimate light holiday cocktail. Made with cranberry juice, Aperol, bubbly Prosecco, and sparkling water for the perfect refreshing sip.. Home » Recipes » Drinks » Cocktails » Holiday Aperol Spritz Recipe. Holiday Aperol Spritz Recipe. By: Krista Published: Dec 22, 2022 Updated: Jan 2, 2023.

Winter Aperol Spritz Cocktail A Winter Aperol Spritz

Winter Aperol Spritz. Yield: 1 drink. Total Time: 10 mins. This winter aperol spritz cocktail is a seasonal spin on the classic aperol spritz! Festive cranberry and classic orange come together with prosecco and club soda to create a super light and refreshing cocktail for the holidays! Print Recipe Pin Recipe.

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Step 1: Fill a large wine glass with ice - use full ice cubes or crushed ice, it's really up to you!. Add the aperol and pomegranate juice and stir. Pour the prosecco into the glass and top with club soda. Step 2: Garnish with an orange wedge, a fresh sprig of rosemary and a pomegranate (arils) seeds. Enjoy!

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Start by carefully pouring the aperol and cranberry juice into your Christmas ornament ball. If you're using edible glitter, you can add as well. In a wine glass with ice, add in the prosecco and club soda. Add a sprig of fresh rosemary for a festive touch and twist a piece of orange peel for an aromatic essence.